North Korea cancels meeting with Trump

 A statement from the head of the Bens department,
North Korea has delayed the meeting in the hope that the vice president will speak in a softer way, which will allow it (North Korea) access to a global arena for propaganda at the Olympic Games.
“They refused to meet, perhaps they never really prepared to sit behind the negotiating table,” he said.
Bens was scheduled to meet with North Korean officials while he was in South Korea for the opening of the Winter Olympic Games, but North Korean officials canceled the meeting, the vice president’s office said.
The Washington Post reported that Pens was in a way to meet Kim Yung-jung, sister of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un and state honorary leader Kim Yong Nam, but the North Koreans canceled the February 10 meeting just two hours before it was due.
“This administration will stand in front of Kim’s desire to cover up their murderous regime by taking nice pictures of them at the Olympic Games,” said Nick Ayers, Penny’s senior staff member in a statement. “Maybe that’s why they dropped out of a meeting or maybe never had the pure intention to sit down and talk.”


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