Israel’s Minister of Education confesses that Daesh does not represent a strategic threat to Tel Aviv. The minister also pleaded for Daesh not to be “eradicated”.

Under the pretext of a so-called rise of Iran in Syria, the Israeli Minister of Education who is also a member of the top security cabinet, Naftali Bennett on Monday supported the sustainability of Daesh in Syria.

At the conference organized by Arutz Sheva in Quds, the minister discussed the recent incidents of Israeli security in the southern occupied territories of Palestine, attacking Iran and its legal presence in Syria.

“It is Iran that is at the origin of all the events that occurred in the South and North of occupied Palestine,” he said in a state of near-hysteria.

“Hamas and Hezbollah as well as Shia militias in Syria are allies of Iran who are ready to beat Israel to their last drop of blood,” he said.

But if Iran is behind all hostile acts against Israel, will Israel really have the strength to defeat it? The minister does not seem to have any other answer than that expressed by the Israeli PM in Munich.

“Now it’s time to confront Iran with intelligence, economics, diplomacy and other means.”

For Bennett, Daesh is an indirect ally of Israel in its eternal war against Iran.

This photo shows al-Nusra Front terrorists discussing with the Israeli army on the Golan Heights. (Photo archive)

Israeli television also said that a large number of senior commanders of the terrorist group Daesh, having fled Iraq and Syria, had settled in the occupied Golan Heights and were recruiting new ones. members. Israeli TV did not mention the role of the US in this reorganization of terrorist forces.

A Daesh training camp in Iraq. (Photo archive)

Israeli TV channel 2 also said that these high-ranking Daesh leaders had set up a training camp there.

According to this information, Daesh established a camp on the border with occupied Palestine, while Israeli Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu had already stressed that he would not allow Daesh to approach the borders of the occupied territories.

Many reports have already been published on the Israeli army’s medical aids granted since 2011 to terrorists in Syria.

Benyamin Netanyahu visits an Israeli hospital with a wounded terrorist in Syria. (Photo archive)

Later in his remarks the Israeli Minister of Education did not fail to continue to utter the threats Iran-Iran before claiming:

“Iran is planning to create a crossing to reach the Mediterranean. We will reduce it to nothing. We have already said that we will never allow Iran to consolidate its bases in Syria and we will prove it. ”

In Munich, the Iranian Foreign Minister said that Iran has no military base in Syria but this possibility should not be dismissed as Iran is in Syria at the request of the Syrian government .


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