Mohamed Ben Salmane loses his authority. (Photo Illustration)

Arab diplomatic sources in the Persian Gulf have revealed that the Saudi king has removed from the Crown Prince the record of relations with other Arab monarchies.

The Saudi king, Malek Salman Ben Abdelaziz, as revealed by diplomatic sources, has withdrawn from his son, the crown prince, the record of relations between Saudi Arabia and the Arab monarchies, including Jordan, Morocco and Oman.

This is due to concerns about the worsening of relations between Saudi Arabia and these countries, due to the policies of Prince Ben Salman.

According to these sources, the creation by the Crown Prince of an electronic army of thousands of forces to attack Arab countries that do not follow Saudi policies and to attack the personalities of these countries are the origin of tension in Saudi relations with these. In addition, Ben Salmane used his financial aid as a pressure lever on these countries.

Deterioration and cooling, main features of Saudi relations with other Arab countries.

The al-Watan news site, for its part, said that Saudi policies in recent decades were wavering based on a high-level strategic coalition with countries like Morocco and Jordan, and that Riyadh had virtually examined membership of these two countries to the Cooperation Council of the Persian Gulf. But in recent months, good Saudi relations with Arab monarchies as well as Syria and Iraq have deteriorated and those with Tunisia, Algeria and Sudan have cooled down.


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