Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu

Netanyahu has predicted that the deal will bring billions into the Israel Fund for Education, Health and Social Welfare. The deal is estimated at $ 15 billion signed by Israeli company Delk and Egyptian company Dolphin Energy.
In turn, the Egyptian Minister of Petroleum Tariq Mulla said that his country had three important conditions for the import of gas from Israel, stressing that these conditions are the government’s consent to import and the existence of added value to the economy and country and the mechanism of arbitration.
He added that the contracting company for the import of gas from Israel has not yet received official approval and that the company is required to submit a formal request, noting that the company will be evaluated and conditions.
On Sunday, Israel and Egypt signed a “giant” deal to supply Israel with 64 billion cubic meters of natural gas to Egypt. Israeli Energy Minister Yuval Steinitz described the status as “making Israel a player in regional energy facilities,” the Israeli Broadcasting Corporation reported.


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