Boko Haram terrorists launched an attack on a girls' boarding school in northeastern Nigeria

A convoy of small trucks loaded with takfirin (the Boko group, the hardline Wahhabist Salafist group that sponsored the Da’ash organization) arrived in the village of Dabchi in the Bursari district of Yobe state around 6 pm (1700 GMT) and then went to school, a local resident said.
“When they stormed the village they started shooting and detonating bombs,” he said. “This is what caught the attention of the girls in the secondary school for girls, which allowed them to escape with their teachers before the attackers came to school.”
Boko’s fighters have been barred from stealing the contents of the school after failing to kidnap the girls.
“The attack was obviously intended to kidnap the girls, but luckily they did not find them because the teachers managed to get them out before they arrived,” said a civilian militia member who backed the army in its war against terrorists.
“There are fighter planes chasing the attackers,” said an unnamed militia member for security reasons.
This attack recalls that Boko Haram banned the abduction of about 200 schoolgirls from the town of Shibok in April 2014, which angered the world and highlighted terrorist activities in the region.


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