Saudis play Balot

In a shameful incident, reflecting the status of Saudi Arabia after Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman’s coup over the values ​​of his country, activists on the Twitter blog circulated a picture of a group of Saudi women playing the “plut” in the courtyard of Mecca .
According to the picture, four Saudi women wearing the niqab appeared on the scene of the mosque and played the plut without any deterrent or condemnation.
According to the picture, the pilgrims appeared wearing the Ihram wearing them passing by them, which confirms the capture of this picture in the Haram al-Makki.
This picture comes just days after the announcement of the adviser in the Royal Court of Saudi Arabia and the President of the General Authority for Sport, the organization of the Kingdom of the game of the game of Balot Cup Sports Authority during the coming period with huge financial prizes at the level of the game.
The event will be held on 4-8 April, organized by the Saudi Federation of Electronic and Intellectual Sports, and will invite the Federation to start preparing all the arrangements for the tournament.
The General Authority for Sport announced the award of financial prizes exceeding one million riyals, where the winner of the first place will receive a prize of 500 thousand riyals, while the second place will receive a prize of 250 thousand riyals, and will receive the third place on the amount of 150 thousand riyals, while The fourth-place winner will receive a prize of SR100,000.
Mukhtar that the scholars of sultans Saleh al-Fawzan, a member of the Supreme Council of Saudi scientists Yfti previously banned the game of “Balot”, what is his position after the President of the General Authority for Sport Turki Al-Sheikh announced the organization of the Kingdom of the game of Balot huge financial prizes?


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