Russian and Turkish presidents Vladimir Putin and Recep Tayyip Erdogan

 The Kremlin said: “In discussing the situation in Syria, emphasis has been placed on strengthening cooperation in the Astana formula, stressing the readiness to coordinate closely the efforts of Russia, Turkey and Iran in order to ensure the effective performance of the areas of reducing the escalation and push the political process in favor of developing the agreements reached at the Syrian National Dialogue In Sochi. ”
The statement added: “The situation was addressed north-west of Syria, including and taking into account the military operation in the area of ​​Afrin.”
Since January 20, Turkey has been waging an olive branch against Kurdish fighters it describes as terrorists in Afrin, northwestern Syria, threatening to enter Mnbj if the militants do not withdraw. The United States is trying to impose control over Syrian territory , Without the permission of the legitimate government of the country. The actions of America, Turkey and Israel are of concern to the Syrian authorities, as they threaten Syria’s territorial integrity as a sovereign state.


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