A qualitative luring operation of four armored vehicles they were traveling in the front of a distributor in Taiz, western Yemen.

According to the source for the march Net, the killing of 12 Emirati soldiers, including officers in the process of procuring quality in a distributor, was also destroyed 4 Emirati vehicles and 4 mechanisms for mercenaries.
The source explained that the aggression pushed the mercenaries under the cover of air intensive of various types of aviation to remove the dead Emiratis from the battlefield in the front distributor.
The source told the march that the army and the committees impose a siege on the UAE forces, which were lured in a distributor and prevent mercenaries from making progress.
He also pointed out that the planes of aggression bombed the mercenaries with cluster bombs and killed and wounded many of them during their attempts to retreat and withdraw in the distributor
A military source had earlier told the march about the deaths of four Emirati soldiers and dozens of mercenaries in breaking the march at the distributive distributor Taiz.


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