In the 54th edition of the Munich Security Conference, the Iranian Foreign Minister described the speech by Israeli Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu as a cartoon circus.

“Last year, before another edition of this conference was held, Iran proposed the development of security measures in the Persian Gulf region based on dialogue, common principles and and the creation of a climate of trust, but some of our neighbors have used the opportunity of attending this conference to resume their anti-Iranian accusations. Some of them did the same thing this year, “said Mr. Zarif on Sunday, February 18.

Mohammad Javad Zarif addressed the participants saying that “you have been the spectators of a caricature circus this morning”.

“This caricature circus does not even deserve an answer. Let me talk about more serious topics! ”

By the term “caricature circus”, Mohammad Javad Zarif referred to the speech by Israeli Prime Minister Benyam

in Netanyahu, who earlier brandished a piece of metal presented as part of the Iranian drone allegedly shot last week over the occupied territories Palestinian.

The Iranian Minister of Foreign Affairs then ruled out the complete eradication of extremist thoughts in the region.


He told the Munich Security Conference that the failure of the Daesh terrorist group did not mean the complete eradication of extremism in the Middle East.

“The roots of extremism and incitement to hatred persist and they may resurface at any time in one place or another,” said the Iranian Foreign Minister.

He blamed the big powers and their regional allies for the bad choices they made, saying that these countries blamed the Islamic Republic of Iran for their mistakes.

“The United States and its regional allies are suffering the natural consequences of their bad choices, but they are using this forum and others to exacerbate tensions over Iran’s foreign policy and reverse realities,” said Mohammad. Javad Zarif.

“Is it really Iran who pushed them to make all these wrong decisions? He asked himself.

The Iranian diplomat stressed that the Islamic Republic of Iran wanted a strong region without ever trying to impose his hegemony. “The era of hegemony is well and truly over,” he said.

“After the conclusion of the nuclear agreement with the 5 + 1 group, we proposed the formation of a regional dialogue council, but this proposal was not welcomed by any party. However, she is still on the table. You know why ? Because it is the only solution that will allow us to get out of the catastrophic situation in which we have been bogged down for decades, “said Mohammad Javad Zarif.

He added that in case Saudi Arabia is ready to sit at the dialogue table, there will be no showdown between Riyadh and Tehran. “If the Saudis intend to secure their interests through hostility and rivalry, in a struggle they are losing. They will end up opting for a different path. ”

The Iranian diplomat then focused on Israel’s aggression against Lebanon and the illegal occupation of Palestine by the Israelis as well as on the almost daily strikes of the Israeli army against Syrian territory.

“The destruction, a few days ago, of an Israeli fighter plane shows that the myth of” the invincibility of Israel “has already collapsed. ”

Regarding the nuclear deal signed in July 2015 between Iran and the 5 + 1 group, the Iranian Foreign Minister said that the Global Plan of Joint Action was an example of a win-win agreement.

“If the affairs of the nuclear deal do not go in our interests, we will act in such a way that the opposing parties bite their fingers,” he said.

Mohammad Javad Zarif recalled that Iran had honored all the commitments it had made in the framework of the nuclear agreement, underlining that it would be maintained despite the insidious attempts of Benyamin Netanyahu.

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Mr. Zarif arrived this Sunday, February 18 in the morning, in Munich, where he took part in the Conference on Security. On the sidelines of this conference, the top Iranian diplomat met with his Armenian and Georgian counterparts.

The Iranian minister also took part in the last edition of this international meeting in 2017, during which he met several officials and made a speech covering several topics.


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