Iranian Defense Minister Brigadier General Hatemi

During a conference of provincial leaders of the Iranian Ministry of Defense, Brigadier Hatemi noted the massive popular marches that took place on February 22, marking the victory of the Islamic Revolution, noting that these rallies and popular rallies reaffirm that they are continuing and The late Imam Ruhollah Khomeini (Qods).
On the other hand, the Minister of Defense pointed to the schemes of hegemonic and arrogant forces against the Iranian people. In the last two decades, the country has witnessed large stations starting with the nuclear file and the unjust sanctions and pressures that were being practiced against the Iranian people for weak reasons, pointing out that through the great efforts exerted by the regime Islamic world in Iran has proved the right of the Iranian people in the cause of the nuclear agreement of all the world. “Iran’s missile capabilities are of great importance to the strategic power of the Islamic regime for the enemy. In the years to come, we will face new challenges from global arrogance, which requires us to take the necessary measures to address and eliminate them in general,” said Hatmi.


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