During his meeting with Iraqi First Vice-President Nuri al-Maliki on Saturday evening in Baghdad, he stressed that the Islamic Republic of Iran stands with the Iraqi government and people. “After the victory of the resistance front, we must be more vigilant compared to the past in monitoring the situation in the region,” he said.
“The resistance front should prevent the gradual deployment of Americans in the east of the Euphrates,” Velayati warned of US plans to divide and divide divisions and divisions in the region.
The adviser of the Leader of the Islamic Revolution for International Affairs called on all political groups to commit themselves to preserving the status of the Shiite authority and other religious scholars in Iraq. He expressed the hope that the upcoming parliamentary elections will lead to the establishment of security and stability in Iraq, calling on all Iraqi political groups to play an active role in Iraq. The election.
Velayati stressed the need for US troops not to deploy in the eastern Euphrates region and said: “The resistance front should not allow NATO to establish a base in West Asia.
For his part, the Iraqi Vice President warned that America seeks to have a new foothold in Iraq, pointing out that Iraq, thanks to the religious authority and rich Islamic culture is not like Japan and South Korea that the Americans can be a military presence in it.
He stressed that the Iraqi government, like all other members of the resistance movement, believes that Americans should not be allowed to deploy in the east of the Euphrates, warning that the establishment of new US military bases in Syria will ignite a new wave of terrorism and strengthen the takfiri currents which aim to weaken the resistance front, especially Iran.
In this meeting, Velayati and Maliki discussed means of enhancing bilateral relations and regional developments.


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