French Defense Minister Florence Parly (D), welcomed by Pentagon Secretary of Defense James Mattis on October 20, 2017. © Getty Images

The defense ministers of the United States and France agreed on the need to take a stand against the Iranian missile program on the sidelines of the Munich conference on security.

Pentagon spokeswoman Dana White issued a statement after the meeting of the US Secretary of Defense and the French Minister of Armed Forces.

In this statement, it follows that James Mattis and Florence Parly have agreed on the need for a firm stand against the alleged threat of the Iranian missile program and the need to combat the proliferation of ballistic missiles in Iran. . Mr. Mattis thanked Ms. Parly and France for leading antiterrorist operations in Africa, which he said played a major role in restoring stability.

Mr. Mattis noted that the global coalition should continue to focus on the fight against Daesh and keep the pressure on groups affiliated with terrorist organizations to ensure that they do not re-energize. He also stressed that a strong Europe is the best partner for security, but that EU defense plans should complement NATO rather than compete with it.

The Secretary of Defense thanked his French counterpart for contributing to global security. The two sides agreed to continue strengthening defense cooperation between the United States and France.


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