Hezbullah Secretary-General Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah confirmed that the resistance is in the service of Lebanon and has the ability to respond to any Israeli aggression against Lebanon’s economic interests.

“If the Supreme Defense Council makes a decision that the oil stations in the Sea of ​​Israel are not allowed to work, I promise you that within hours it will stop working,” Nasrallah said in a speech during a memorial ceremony for the leaders of the Islamic Resistance in Beirut.

“The only force you have in this battle, the Lebanese, is the resistance because the army is not allowed to own rockets. America is preventing this weapon from the Lebanese army,” he said. “Today, any Lebanese can stand up and say: ‘If you bombed us, we would have the courage and the ability, So … this is not a threat in the air and the Israeli knows that and we hope that the state will negotiate from the position of force and we are in this subject “under the order.”

“The current mediator is not going to put a veto on this, but we want to point out that America is not an honest broker, especially if the other side is Israel,” Nasrallah said, describing America as “Israel’s lawyer.” Israel and not the interest of Lebanon … The American wants to take as much of our water and interests as possible for the benefit of the Israelis. ”

He stressed that “there was no US mediation, but came to report and dictate, and if we do not accept, there will be no agreement on borders and no oil, no companies or water.”


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