Cases of suffocation as a result of the Turkish army firing shells containing chemical substances in Afrin

Al-Mayadeen confirmed that 6 cases of suffocation after the firing of shells containing toxic gases were delivered to the village of Aranda in Afrin.
The Kurdish news agency “Hawar” Kurdish: The 6 civilians were suffocated as a result of the Turkish army shelling on Friday night village of Arnda in the area of Xie chemical weapons.
The injured were taken to Afrin Hospital in Afrin. Hospital administrator Dr. Khalil Sabri said: “As a result of the inhalation of toxic chemicals that have been exposed to suffocation, in addition to the symptoms of scratching and irritation on the skin.”
Sabri said that the injured are receiving treatment, and are now under observation, and indicated that they will disclose the type of material they were exposed after the necessary analyzes and examinations of the injured.
On Saturday evening, January 21, Turkish aircraft began changing the positions of the YPG militia in the northern region of Afrin in a wide-scale military operation called “olive branch” by the Turks.


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