The wife of Mohammed Ramadan (center) raises his image in a picture message demanding the king not to ratify his execution

The text accompanying the petition said Ramadan was a policeman, father of three children, tortured and sentenced to death for participating in a demonstration demanding democracy.
The UK government has secured £ 5 million to the [Bahraini] regime, making executions and executions in Bahrain possible – training police officers, prosecutors and even prison guards in which those sentenced to death are in custody.
The organization called on Bahrain to prevent the execution of its political opponents and called on British Prime Minister Theresa May to stop supporting the death penalty in Bahrain and to demand that the Bahraini government stop the execution of Mohammed Ramadan and others facing execution after unfair trials. Petition 15508 signatures.
Ramadan was arrested at Bahrain International Airport, where he worked as a policeman and accused of involvement in an attack on other policemen, although there was insufficient evidence to prove his involvement. He was arrested in retaliation for his participation in pro-democracy peaceful demonstrations.
He was subjected to brutal torture after being arrested in order to force him to sign false confessions and was sentenced to death for confessions extracted during torture. He has exhausted all legal challenges to which he is entitled, and he can be executed at any time.


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