The continued enforced disappearance of 15 Bahraini citizens from seven areas

The Forum pointed out that five cases of enforced disappearances continued for 34 days from 14/12/2017 until 17/01/2018, namely Ahmed Hamza Al Safi from Sitra, Ali Khalil Al Rami, Hassan Abdul Hussein Al Asfour from Duraz district and Hussein Ali Muhanna from the country The old, and Mahmoud Abdullah the minister of the monastery.
The forum pointed out that Ali Hussein Jassim from the Duraz region has been forcibly disappeared since 15/12/2017, while Ali Allawi from the Naim region disappeared forcibly on 17/12/2017, Hussein Ali Mayouf from Samahig and Mohammed Abdullah Mansur from the Gardab region have been forcibly disappeared since 30 days.
The forum pointed to the enforced disappearance of three citizens for 29 days until 17/1/2018, namely: Hussein Ali Shaalan and Baqer Jafar Abuoris of the Druze and Salman Abdul Hussein Al-Nakhla from the monastery.
The forum added that Ahmad Mohammed Salman from Jardab has been forcibly disappeared for 27 days, Abdul Razzaq Ali Mirza from the monastery area 24 days ago, and Hussein Hamid Madan from Darraz has been forcibly disappeared since 31/12/2017 until 17/01/2018 which means 16 days.


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