Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu

There is no doubt that the corruption of Netanyahu, the prime minister of the enemy, is one of the ABCs of this gang, which can be anything but a state, a disgrace to its names and what it brags against the Palestinians, a reality that Netanyahu has lived since he came as prime minister for the first time since 1996 And that is why he broke all the rules in corruption and bribery and returned all talk to the scandal and reflect the reality of “Israel”, which lives only with corruption, killing and looting of the land, which is contrary to the behavior of the settlers and soldiers against the Palestinians in the killing and demolition of houses and stealing the land, how corrupt is less than that The Zionists usually cover corruption files with fake achievements D of the Palestinians, including increased settlement and harassment by all means.
Just to direct the indictment against him, some have a new machine to promote the successor to “Netanyahu”, which was before the period of Beilin activist leftist Israeli Zionist most against the Palestinians in the call to wait for the successor who will come only more hard because they on the subject of Jerusalem have united, Palestinians see them as a nature in themselves corruption and did not pass on “Israel” any leader, but suspicions of corruption hover around him, although some have run out of them, including Pierce.

That is the reason for writing here. It will not matter to us very much because they are people of a single ideological and ideological gang that are only separated by their narrow interests and are meeting us and our issues.
But what is certain about this is the prophecy that many talk about in this particular period, in which it can be said that it will be the end of the era of the sons of “Israel” here, and their corruption will result in their demise. Netanyahu will be one of the last leaders of “Israel” Leaning towards violent confrontations.

Unless Netanyahu “liquidates the powerful in the charge of the charge against him through bribes, positions, etc., such as physical liquidation, the man became very experienced after twenty years in power.


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