Demonstration in support of Sheikh Zakzaky, October 13, 2017. (Instagram / Nasir Bawa)

On Thursday, February 15, members of the Islamic Movement of Nigeria protested in Abuja, capital of Nigeria, to demand the release of Sheikh Ibrahim Zakzaky who is behind bars.

More and more voices are rising in Nigeria who are demanding the release of the religious cleric and his wife.

The protesters pointed out through their slogans that the Nigerian government is ignoring the demands and grievances of the people.

MIN members say the government continues to violate the ruling of the court and the Nigerian Supreme Court, which has issued a verdict calling for the immediate release of Sheikh Zakzay.

The protesters believe that under the Nigerian Constitution, detention of an individual for more than 48 hours is illegal and that the government must release the sheikh without any preconditions.

In December 2015, the irruption of the Nigerian military into the place of commemoration of the martyred death of the third Imam of the Shiites, Imam Hossein (blessed be it), in Zaria in the state of Kaduna, northern Nigeria , unleashed a wave of brutal repression against the country’s Muslims. Following this descent, the Sheikh and his wife were arrested and detained without charge or trial.

About 350 people, including three children of Sheikh Zakzaky, were killed in the attack on Zaria. The bodies of the victims ended up in false communes. Several international organizations, including Amnesty International, denounced an “ethnic massacre”.


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