Russian President Vladimir Putin. © Gettyimages

Russian President Vladimir Putin ended the confrontation between Israel and Iran in Syria. This is the conclusion to draw from the events of last weekend.

On the eve of the destruction of a Tel Aviv regime F-16 that flew over Syrian soil for an anti-Damascus mission, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu ordered a new wave of bombing against Syrian regions, a decree that was canceled immediately after his telephone conversation with Vladimir Putin.

According to a famous Israeli journalist Ronen Bergman, Putin’s anger has affected the stopping of Israeli strikes.

Interviewed on US television channel CNN, Ronen Bergman said that the Middle East region was on the brink of a war on the eve of the overthrow of an Israeli F-16, but that President Putin, furious with the Israel’s military action in Syria, had put an end to any potential confrontation in the region. Putin reportedly contacted Netanyahu as he was “furious” with Israeli strikes near Russian positions in Syria. A call that diverted Tel-Aviv from a new wave of bombing.

This submission to Putin shows, according to the journalist, that now, the master of the game in the Middle East is Russia, not the United States.

Disappointed by the weakened role of the United States, Israel has repeatedly urged Washington to put pressure on Moscow to push Iran to disengage from Syria. But his attempts were futile, the journalist continued.

Regarding US policies in the Middle East, he explained that an Israeli authority who travels often to the United States, said that the US strategy in the region remains “ambiguous” and that the Tel Aviv regime ” do not really know how much the US authorities are attached to Israel’s security. ”

Despite tactical coordination between Tel-Aviv and Moscow to prevent Israeli bombing near the sites where Russian soldiers and advisers are serving, Netanyahu has still failed to convince Putin to take Tel Aviv’s strategic concerns seriously.


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