American intelligence community

The head of the US National Security Agency, the head of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), the head of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and the US national intelligence chief held a hearing on Tuesday at the Senate Intelligence Committee, reviewing the annual report “Assessing Global Threats Facing America.”
The report considered that Iran is one of the threats facing America in the field of electronic, regional and missile. In one chapter, he acknowledged Iran’s military capability and expressed its concern about these capabilities.
“Iran will continue to strengthen its military capabilities to threaten US forces and its allies in the region; Iran will continue its dangerous threats against US naval operations in the Persian Gulf.
The report continued: Iran continues its programs to develop and strengthen a range of military capabilities to target the military equipment of America and its allies in the region, including threats armed aircraft, ballistic missiles, advanced naval mines, non-captain explosive boats, advanced submarines and torpedoes, cruise missiles anti-ship. Iran has the largest ballistic missile capability in the Middle East, enabling it to strike targets beyond its borders of 2000 kilometers. Iran’s delivery of the Russian S-300 system in 2016 has made it the country with the most advanced air defense systems. ”
In another section, the report referred to the operations carried out by the Revolutionary Guards, stressing that they constitute a threat to the US Navy. He described the confrontation of the Islamic Revolution Guards with the US Navy as a literal confrontation.
The US intelligence report also said that the hostile actions of the Islamic revolution in the Persian Gulf and the Strait of Hormuz expose the US naval force to more danger. The confrontation of the Islamic Revolution Guards with the US Navy is a literal confrontation.


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