A shooting incident at a high school crowd in Parkland, Florida

Police arrested the suspect, Nicholas Cruz, aged 19, a former student at the same school he was expelled from.
Cruz, who was armed with “several gunpots”, started firing outside the school before breaking into it, officials said.
The incident is one of the deadliest shootings since 20 children were killed in a school in Connecticut in 2012.
Sheriff Broward County, “Scott Israel”, told reporters that Cruz used a gun and opened fire to kill three people outside the school, then entered the building to kill 12 people. Two people later died after being taken to hospital. “It’s a disaster, there are no words you can describe,” Sharif wrote on Twitter.
Dr Ivan Boer of the provincial health department told reporters late on Wednesday that 17 people had been taken to district hospitals.
Earlier Wednesday, a public school in the area published a tug-of-war saying, “The students and teaching staff heard what appeared to be shooting” shortly before the end of the day and the departure of Margoie Stonemann Douglas High School students.
Police and members of the rapid reaction forces began evacuating students from high school in Parkland, an hour north of Miami, and student families and ambulances gathered outside the building.
Cruz was detained after more than an hour after leaving school, police said. “This attack is the 18th shooting incident, at least, in the United States this year in or near school facilities,” Evrytown Gan Sifti said.
It is the sixth shooting incident in a school in 2018 that kills and injures students, according to Advocacy. Since 2013, there have been 291 shooting incidents in schools in America, an average of about one incident per week.


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