Major General Sulaimani, commander of the Quds Force

“We honor today the martyr Mughniyeh on the anniversary of his tenth martyrdom because he is a legend,” said Qassem Soleimani, commander of the Quds Force. “His martyrdom created an uprising in the Islamic circles.”
He added that “the character of the martyr Mughniyeh is still unknown and this meeting is unable to define it as it deserves.” The sadness caused by Imad Mughniyeh’s martyrdom in people is “unprecedented” and I have never seen him before the death of Imam Khomeini.
He stressed that the martyr Mughniyah “was not specialized in guerrilla wars only and his strength was greater than the strength of the enemy,” noting that he founded Hezbollah, recalling that “he broke the barrier of fear in Lebanon from Israel and was able to direct slaps to the enemy.”
Considering that he was always present in the field and was watching the conduct of military operations closely, he stressed that it has terrorized the enemies and the hope of friends. ”
At the beginning of the speeches, the Secretary-General of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine – General Command – Ahmed Jibril said that “the fate of the active figures in our nation to walk on the thorns and martyr Mughniyeh is the model for that,” pointing out that “the creations of the martyr Mughniyah manifested in the victory of 2006, The myth that terrorized their hearts. ”
Jibril said that “the fate of the active figures in our nation to walk on thorns and martyr Mughniyeh is the model for that.” He pointed out that “the creations of the martyr Mughniyeh were manifested in the 2006 victory and were in the eyes of the mythical enemies who terrorized their hearts.” He added that ” Singer and his history is his loyalty to the support of the Palestinian people and support his uprising. ”
Jibril confirmed that Mughniyeh contributed to the victories of Gaza through the delivery of arms and support, pointing out that Palestine was the cause of the martyr Mughniyah and his connection.
“We are in a stronger position and not as the State Department has said that the world is better than without Imad Mughniyeh,” he said, stressing that “the calculation is still open with the Israeli enemy.”
“What is happening now is an attempt to dismantle the Palestinian cause under the name of the Arab Spring and the wars of atonement,” Jibril said, adding that “thanks to the blood of martyrs, we are in a stronger position, which is reflected in the victory of resistance in Syria and Iraq.”


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