The various regions of Bahrain witnessed large demonstrations and ended in clashes with the security forces. On the island of Sitra, where the largest number of martyrs of the Bahraini revolution, marches took place to commemorate the start of the Bahraini revolution, while the security forces met with tear gas and bullets, and the armored vehicles of the Khalefiah forces broke into the area, Protesters with SUVs.

Seventh anniversary of Bahrain revolution

The scene has not changed since the beginning of the revolution in mid-February 2011, and the options of the security authority itself remained unchanged, except for the size and quality of the oppression used against those demanding justice and the rule of law. In the meantime, the claimants in the street continued to hoist the media and chanted slogans without being repressed by the authorities. And supported by the Gulf, especially after the storming of the Saudi forces and their allies in the Bahraini territory green light of “Hamad bin Issa.”
Seventh anniversary of Bahrain revolution

Demonstrations marking the anniversary of the movement of Bahrain’s movement this year are the most insistent in contrast to what was expected by the Authority after a year intensified by the official machine of oppression and closed the headquarters of major opposition movements “Al-Wefaq” and withdrew the nationality of the Bahraini authority Ayatollah Qasim and carried out a death sentence against activists extracted confessions under torture, Until the liquidation of three activists did not know the circumstances of liquidation except for the official version, which was not ratified by the street demanding an independent investigation to find out the truth.
Seventh anniversary of Bahrain revolution

The Bahraini scientists, in turn, called for a wide participation in the protests on the occasion of the seventh anniversary of the revolution of February 14, and the statement said:
“If God will help you, then there is no more for you, and if he disobeys you, then who will help you after him
In the footsteps of God Almighty, the strong people of Bahrain enter a new year of revolution against dictatorship, injustice and corruption, following the approach of the great prophets and messengers, the parents of Allah and the imams of guidance and reformers in the matter of good and forbidding evil. .
It is a march of history and a struggle between two wills: a will to seek good, and a will to act evil, a process in which the people chose what their fathers and forefathers chose to stand with the truth, and walk on the path of the thorn, even if the sacrifices were heavy.
Abu Bakr did not come out of Ashra, nor at all, nor unjust nor corrupt, but went out to seek reform, in exchange for a tyrannical, unfair, arrogant to the truth. The whole history testifies that the one who wrestles with the right is a crook, and that whoever is supported by Allaah is not worthy of him, and in this deep and solid faith we are sure of victory and long waiting.
On the occasion of the seventh anniversary of the start of the glorious February 14 revolution, we salute the freedom and dignity of our beloved people. We salute your steadfastness, steadfastness, courage and courage. Almighty.
Seventh anniversary of Bahrain revolution

We also emphasize the following:
1- We affirm the effective field presence and the wide participation in the various peaceful protests announced by the sincere people on the occasion of February 14, the steadfastness and steadfastness.
2 – Emphasize the unity of the class and cohesion, and not to listen to the trumpets of the system and misleading information, and poor tricks aimed at weakening the movement expected in the glorious memory.
3. We applaud the mass preparations in all regions and the statements issued and slogans raised by the occasion, which indicate awareness, insight and faith, and the will of the will and the violence, and loyalty to the great martyrs and sacrificers spare.
O Allah, grant mercy to our righteous martyrs, and prove to us the feet of sincerity with them, O Lord of the worlds.

The Bahraini revolution was launched on 14 February 2011, rejecting the practices of the dictatorial authorities and demanding the rights of the Bahraini people to freedom and dignity.
Despite the peaceful nature of the opposition since its inception, the Khalifeh authorities have faced a lot of violence that led to the martyrdom and wounding of hundreds of Bahraini people and the imprisonment of thousands of people, including political figures, as Secretary General of the National Accord Movement Sheikh Ali Salman. Al-Jabriyah is the highest religious authority in this country, namely, Ayatollah Shaykh Isa Qasim.


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