Jundallah terrorists have claimed 24 terrorist attacks in five years against Iran. These attacks are mainly carried out in the border regions. © Mashreghnews

Relations between Pakistan and Iran are growing: Pakistan has just banned the activities of the terrorist group Jundallah on its territory. The group has claimed several attacks against Iranian border guards and is funded by Riyadh.

The Pakistani Ministry of Interior has banned the terrorist group known as Jundallah.

Under the 1997 Anti-Terrorism Act, the above-mentioned small group is no longer allowed to continue operations in Pakistan.

Islamabad also banned the activities of the al-Haramein Foundation (Bonyad al-Haramein), which was collecting financial aid for this movement. The Pakistani government says these new decisions are part of UN Security Council Resolution 1267.

The Pakistani Interior Ministry has put all the information about the Jundallah terrorist group at the disposal of the country’s secret services, including the Inter-Services Intelligence or ISI and the Federal Investigation Agency, FIA before asking the aforementioned authorities to their best to stop the leader of this group immediately and dismantle his fief entirely.


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