Al Nusra terrorists in the Quneitra region of Syria, 2016. © AFP

The Syrian army, joined by the popular forces, defeated Israel-backed al-Nusra terrorists to seize the strategic city of Hader.

Israel-backed al-Nusra Front terrorists have increased their military actions in the occupied Golan and Quneitra province. In the process, the Syrian army dispatched reinforcements and military equipment to the strategic city of Hader in anticipation of any offensive. The Resistance is ready for any eventuality and has taken preventive measures.
As a reminder, the city of Hader is located at the confluence of Lebanon, the occupied Golan, Quneitra, Deraa and south-west Damascus.
In addition, the Syrian armed forces, joined by the popular voluntary forces, have been able to locate the positions of terrorists in Al-Hamriyah Gharbiyah and Jubata al-Khashab where they have just undergone a surprise operation.

According to local sources, the recent operation of the Syrian army resulted in the death of 60 terrorists. In addition, a few weapons depots of terrorists have been destroyed. According to another report, the forces of the Fourth Syrian Army Regiment and Popular Forces, deployed in the south of Hader, managed to inflict heavy damage on al-Nusra terrorists near Jubata al-Khashab.

The elements of al-Nusra planned to move their reinforcements and military equipment to Jubata al-Khashab and Tarnaja to prepare for their next military operation in the western and southern suburbs of the city of Hader. After intensive clashes of 4 hours, the Syrian military managed to kill 40 terrorists in the occupied Golan.


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