52/5000 A Turkish army tank in operation at Afrin. © AFP

Hundreds of Syrian women in Afrin demonstrated Wednesday (February 14th) to denounce the intervention of the Turkish army and pro-Ankara mercenaries in this region of northern Syria.

Syrian media reporting on the event said the protesters called for the end of the Turkish occupation of Aleppo province.

This is not a first event of its kind organized by the Kurds. Afrin residents took to the streets last week to denounce the bombing of the Turkish army and its terrorist allies against Syrian territory.

In Afrin, the Kurds begin to disillusion themselves, released as they are by both Americans and Russians. Indeed, the demonstrators chanted slogans such as “Afrin is not alone” and “The Syrian nation is united and solidarity”. While aid and weapons are sent to Afrin under escort of the Syrian army.

Thousands of residents of the Kurdish regions of Kobane, Manbij and Tell Abyad also participated in this event.
On 20 January, the Turkish army launched its military operation called “Olive Branch” in Afrin, northern Syria. It is a military operation that essentially engages mercenaries of the ASL alongside the Turkish military.

The Ankara government claims that its operation aims to eliminate the elements of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (KPP), the Syrian Democratic Union (PYD) Party and the People’s Protection Units (YPG) present in Afrin but analysts see it above all as an expansionist aggression.


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