Nearly 3,000 demonstrators mobilized against Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Petah Tikva, on August 12, 2017. © Haaretz

Hundreds of protesters gathered Tuesday (February 13th) in front of the Israeli Prime Minister’s house after the police released their official investigation report on Netanyahu’s corruption.

Hundreds of protesters on Tuesday night watched a sit-in in front of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s home, urging him to resign, Israel TV Channel 10 announced.

The residents of Tel Aviv took to the streets on February 13 after the Israeli police recommended that Netanyahu be indicted for bribery and fraud.

Benjamin Netanyahu, Israeli Prime Minister. © AFP

The Israeli prime minister had previously claimed that the charges against him were only fake statements to force him to leave his post.

Last week, Israeli TV channel 10 announced that there was now enough evidence to charge Netanyahu for accepting bribes, fraud and abuse of office.

The prime minister has been accused for months of three cases of corruption. The first investigation, titled the “1000 Folder” was about gifts he would have received from wealthy businessmen. With regard to his second charge, the “2000 case”, the prime minister is accused of having solicited favorable cover for his government from the Israeli newspaper Yediot Aharonot in exchange for his rivals. The third scandal, dubbed “the submarine affair”, concerns Netanyahu’s associates. It is about a corruption case involving an agreement signed between the Israeli government and Germany worth more than a billion dollars.

The Israeli press predicts Netanyahu will be detained after the investigations, while his term is supposed to be over by the end of 2018.


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