Egyptian analysts examine the chances of success of the “Sinai 2018” operation in its relations with the will of the Syrian president and candidate for his own succession, Abdel Fattah al-Sissi, to prepare the Egyptian public opinion before the presidential election next March. This synthesis comes on the basis of a media hype related to a controversial Egyptian-Israeli collaboration in this peninsula of northern Egypt.

The Egyptian army on Friday (February 9th) announced in a statement the launch of a vast anti-terrorist operation across the country, especially in Sinai, with the aim of unearthing the elements of the terrorist group Wilayat Sinai, affiliated with Daesh.

According to the information website Arabi21 which refers to the director of the Regional Center for Strategic Studies based in Cairo, there is nothing unexpected in this operation. President al-Sisi would have instructed the chief of staff of the Egyptian army to clear the country of the presence of terrorists within three months, especially since there are reports that Daesh is preparing to conduct operations in Egypt from Turkish territory.

Unlike the other operations, the ongoing operation in Sinai is a preventive operation and the Egyptian government sees an ultimate operation to end the terrorists, adds the Egyptian analyst.

He also denounces the “malicious campaigns” aimed at tarnishing the image of the Egyptian army and suggesting that Israel is involved in the anti-terrorist operation in Sinai.

For his part, the former chairman of the defense committee of the Egyptian parliament rejected these military actions, saying:

“Al-Sissi is in a lack of allies inside as well as outside. On the other hand, efforts to advance the American project known as the Claque of the century have accelerated; however, President al-Sissi does not want to lose face, in the eyes of the Americans and Israelis, with regard to his ability to ensure the security of Sinai. ”

According to the Egyptian parliamentarian, al-Sissi realizes that he has had no tangible gains in political, economic and social terms. “That’s why he thinks, just before the elections, to compensate for his weaknesses, while at the same time worrying about repairing the internal situation of the army, which is currently facing disputes”.

Other former Egyptian parliamentarians share this idea and believe that through this new operation in Sinai, al-Sissi seeks instead to regain his coat of arms after having removed all his opponents from the scene of electoral competitions.

Former Egyptian parliamentarian Yahya Aqil also told the Arabi21 site that the new anti-terrorist operation in Sinai may not be unrelated to Trump’s “Slap of the Century”, which includes, among other things, the recognition of Quds as the capital of Egypt. Israel and the transfer of the American embassy from Tel Aviv to the holy city of Quds.

“Some of the inhabitants of north-east Sinai will have to evacuate this area. ”

The other Egyptian analyst Hazem Ghorab explains this hypothesis in more detail:

“It is likely that the Egyptian government will evacuate new localities in Sinai. Israeli soldiers may at the same time attack Gaza; border crossings will reopen, and Gazans seeking shelter from Israeli bombing may be transferred to districts already evacuated in Sinai. Here are the hypotheses that would be denied during the days or weeks to come. “


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