Alwaght – In reaction to increased tensions between the Israeli regime and Syria, the Israeli Minister of Military Affairs, Avigdor Lieberman, has declared that this regime should act with more determination.

“There are no restrictions, we do not accept any restriction. We act with determination and respond to all provocations. We will continue to defend our vital security interests. This is not the time to bark, but to bite, “he stressed.

Lieberman made the remarks Tuesday when referring to the recent shooting down of an Israeli F-16 warplane by the Syrian Air Force in the occupied Golan Heights.
“We are being hard bitten, I hope we do not have to do it,” he added.

Finally, he affirmed that the Tel Aviv regime “will continue to defend its vital security interests” in the region.
The air defense of the Syrian Army on Saturday shot down an Israeli F-16 fighter aircraft in a town located in the busy Golan Heights.
This came after Israeli warplanes bombed Syrian positions on Saturday on the pretext that an Iranian-made drone allegedly flew over the occupied Golan Heights (Iran denies).


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