Benjamin Netanyahu, worried for Justice

In the sights of justice, especially for gifts of tens of thousands of dollars, will Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu be indicted for corruption? This is in any case what the police recommended.

On February 13, Israeli police recommended that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu be charged with corruption in two cases. In a statement, she wrote that there was “enough evidence against the prime minister to indict him for accepting bribes, fraud and breach of trust.”

The decision to officially put the Prime Minister under review now depends on the Attorney General. Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked said that an officially charged prime minister was not forced to resign.

Confirming the news in a television intervention, the Israeli Prime Minister has stated his intentions: “I will continue to lead Israel responsibly and faithfully.”

“Our government will finish its mandate and I am sure that in the next elections [in November 2019] I will get your confidence again,” he said, his face tense, before saying: “These recommendations do not have no legal value in a democratic country. ”

In recent months, demonstrations have been held regularly to denounce the corruption of the government of Benjamin Netanyahu.

Four weeks of demonstrations in Israel against the government of Benyamin Netanyahu

Questioned several times by the police, the latter and his entourage are targeted by two corruption cases, including one involving gifts of tens of thousands of dollars and another for influence peddling.

The first case against him is to have received gifts, for example luxury cigars, from rich personalities like James Packer, an Australian billionaire, or Arnon Milchan, Israeli producer in Hollywood. The value of these gifts would total tens of thousands of dollars.

The police also said there was corruption over a secret deal that the Israeli prime minister would have tried to make with the owner of the largest Israeli daily newspaper, Yediot Aharonot, so that the newspaper would provide favorable coverage for its no one.

Prime Minister Sara Netanyahu’s wife is also under investigation: she is suspected of spending $ 100,000 on public money for her personal use.

During the investigation, Benjamin Netanyahu repeatedly proclaimed his innocence by constantly repeating the same phrase: “Nothing will happen because nothing has happened.”


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