A human rights group has denounced the fact that the Bahraini regime had committed nearly a thousand rapes last January, including arbitrary arrests and torture, against opponents of the monarchy that governs this small country in the Persian Gulf.
Ahlul Bait News Agency (ABNA): In a report released on Friday, the Bahraini Human Rights Forum estimated only 995 cases of human rights violations involving the Al Khalifa regime as author.

The note states that last month, some 121 people, including six minors, were arbitrarily arrested during searches by government forces.

It adds that the authorities have used torture and other forms of violence against 18 detainees, including eight minors and four women, in penitentiaries and police stations across the island.

The Manama government has been repeatedly accused by human rights activists and organizations of wanting to silence any dissident voices since the 2011 uprising, which was suppressed with the intervention of the Saudi army.

Since then, the Bahraini monarchy has used brute force to crush any protest against, for example, the discrimination of the Shiite minority in that country.


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