New York, IRNA – New US pressure on the Resistance is a violation of international law and the right to counter the occupation, said a US researcher and author.

“The criterion is completely arbitrary. Hamas, which works to help the oppressed people of Palestine and whose resistance is in accordance with international law, is referred to as a “terrorist group,” said Robert Fantina, author of “Empire, Racism and Genocide: A History of Relationships”. diplomatic missions “to the Islamic Republic News Agency (IRNA).

Fantina said: “The United States is not interested in the fight against terrorism; adding that the terrorist group Modjahedin of Iran (MKO), based outside of Iran, but involving Iranians, is seeking the violent overthrow of the peaceful Iranian government, and yet the United States, believes that it is worthy his support. ”

Quoting the Reverend Martin Luther King Jr, in 1967, “The largest provider of violence in the world: my own government. I can not shut up, “he added, with the United States being the biggest terrorist in the world.

Fantina said, “The hypocrisy of the United States in naming individuals and groups as” terrorists “is staggering. No nation can compete with the United States in its global terrorism or in its number of innocent victims.

Commenting on the addition of Hamas political bureau chief Ismail Haniyeh to the US list of specially designated terrorists and to US President Donald Trump’s recognition of Al Quds as the capital of the Zionist regime, Fantina said: Donald Trump’s incompetent and confused leadership, wants to give Israel what he wants, ie all of Palestine.

“For years, the United States has designated Hamas as a” terrorist “organization; designating Ismael Haniyeh as a “specially designated terrorist” at a later time by Trump to delegitimize Palestinian national aspirations. It ignores Israel’s occupation of Palestine and the fact that Hamas is working for the good of the Palestinian people. Hamas strongly opposes the Israeli occupation and Trump ignores the fact that opposition to foreign occupation is a right granted under international law. It has no respect for international law, as evidenced by its recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, a decision opposed by virtually the entire world community and the United Nations.

Regarding the new US sanctions against six individuals and seven entities in the financial network of the Hezbollah resistance movement, he said: “It is not so much a new strategy as an expansion of existing strategy. The United States, mainly because of the power and influence of pro-Israel lobbies in the United States, and their stranglehold on Congress, want to ensure that Israel gets complete hegemony in the Middle East. Former US administrations have worked to destabilize Lebanon, but Hezbollah remains a powerful force. ”

“Moreover, these new sanctions are against entities that have close ties with Iran, a powerful Middle Eastern nation that the United States fear. It alone represents a threat to Israeli hegemony in the Middle East and, by sanctioning Hezbollah, the United States also hopes to have a negative impact on Iran. ”

Answering the question of whether US measures could have an impact on Hamas and Hezbollah, Fantina said: “Certainly, there may be negative impacts on both organizations, but mainly on Hamas … Hamas has the support of Iran it remains to be seen if anyone can protect Ismail Haniyeh from American and Israeli assassins. ”

He added, “As with many US foreign policy, appointing Hamas and Hezbollah does nothing to improve the security of the United States, and actually does the opposite. As people around the world, especially in the Middle East, see the United States supporting cruel tyrants, such as Benjamin Netanyahu, over the legitimate needs and desires of the people, hostility to the United States is increasing; which increases the risk of retaliation. ”

“Of course, that too serves a purpose for the United States: any” terrorist “attack on US soil allows US government spokespeople to proclaim that the threat of terrorism is ever increasing. to increase their already heavily inflated military spending, which is pleasing to arms manufacturers who, like Israel, make a generous donation to US officials who honor their commitments. ”

“For the average American citizen, there is no benefit to these sanctions … the rich oligarchs who run the country, they are able to see their profits skyrocket, and stand out from the abject suffering they cause . “


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