Secretary of Iran’s Supreme National Security Council Ali Shamkhani

According to Tasnim News, the secretary of the Supreme Council of Iranian National Security has granted an interview to the Russian channel RT, which has come to Tehran to cover the celebrations of the victory of the Islamic Revolution of 11 February.

On the sidelines of the parade organized on this occasion, Ali Chamkhani spoke on the destruction of the Israeli F-16 by the Syrian DCA: “This counterattack has changed the balance of power in the region. Israel’s setbacks in the region will not be without consequence. ”

He rejected accusations of involvement in the crash of the plane against Iran. “The Syrian anti-aircraft defense system has shot down the F-16, which has violated Syria’s airspace and sovereignty,” he said.

On Saturday, Tehran rejected en bloc all allegations by Israeli authorities that their airstrikes on Syria were carried out in retaliation for the incursion of an Iranian drone into the occupied territories.

“Sowing the wind rains the storm,” Rear Admiral Chamkhani said of the United States presence in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria and Lebanon. “The United States, Israel and their allies are meeting and conspiring against Iran. Iran has not gained its authority and power through the occupation, but through its support for the oppressed nations of the region and their resistance movements. They seek to isolate Iran, to lock it up on itself, to reduce it to a submissive country and to reduce the impact of its revolutionary ideals, “he said.


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