According to ISNA, Ali Akbar Velayati, adviser to the Supreme Leader for International Affairs, said neither France nor any other state could influence the Iranian ballistic program.

The counselor of the Supreme Guide met with a delegation of French political figures who came to Tehran on the anniversary of the Revolution.

On this occasion, Velayati said about the possible trip of Emmanuel Macron in Iran: “If during his visit to Iran, Macron addresses issues related to the talks on our ballistic program, he will be confronted with an end of no receive from the Islamic Republic of Iran. ”

The meeting with ministers and former French officials and parliamentarians lasted more than two hours and it was an opportunity for exchanges on bilateral relations, the current situation in the region and the future visit of the French president to Iran .

“The Islamic Republic of Iran will not ask permission from anyone to develop its ballistic capabilities and will continue its ballistic program according to its needs in the field of defense,” said Velayati at first glance.

“Our two nations share good memories together. In this respect, the victory of the Islamic Revolution and the presence of Imam Khomeini at Neauphle-le-Château have helped to establish a strong link between the French and Iranian nations, “Velayati said. before adding: “Conflicting positions and a certain double playing can undermine past efforts … We expected Macron to take firmer positions on the PGAC issue rather than organize, on the recommendation of Donald Trump. , a meeting with Germany and the United Kingdom to reform the agreement. ”

“The fact that France’s position changes according to Trump’s pressures and recommendations is indicative of the fact that France’s independence from the bloc of Western countries has been somewhat disrupted,” said the Councilor of the Guide. supreme.

Finally Velayati recalled the important trade that exists between France and Iran: “When Americans with the D’Amato law, announced that they would sanction companies that invest more than 20 million dollars in Iran, Total has nevertheless invested billions of dollars in the Iranian oil industry. “


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