Donald Trump at the National Prayer Breakfast, Washington DC, February 8, illustration

Interviewed by the Israeli newspaper Israel Hayom, US President Donald Trump delivered his vision of the Middle East. The opportunity for the tenant of the White House to sink the balance sheet of his predecessor, and to value his.

In an interview with Israeli newspaper Israel Hayom, published on February 11, Donald Trump delivered his vision of diplomatic relations in the Middle East, from Israel to Syria via Iran.

“I think our relationship has never been so good”

The opportunity for the tenant of the White House to shoot red ball on the record of Barack Obama and weave its own laurels for the year 2017: “In fact, I think I’ve done more than what I promised, “he pleaded, while castigating the policy of his predecessor:” It seems to me that you [Israel] were not very close to Obama, he gave you the agreement [on the Iran, which is roughly equivalent to saying that, in the end, Israel will be harmed. Obama was atrocious. It was absolutely atrocious for Israel. I think our relationship with us is very good. I think they’ve never been so good. ”

Iran at the heart of Trump’s rhetoric
The journalist holds out his hammer: “In Israel, we believe that the 2015 agreement with Iran has brought recognition to the Iranian revolution.” And the 45th President of the United States puts the nail once again: “The Iran’s deal is catastrophic for Israel. Nothing less. I think it is catastrophic for Israel, in the way it was done, the way it was allowed to be done, the way it was signed … it’s pretty incredible, according to me. This is a dismal agreement for many parties involved, but I think it is particularly bad for Israel. ”

The journalist rebounds: “But with this legacy of Obama, can we now contain Iran [in its borders]?” To which Donald Trump responds without blinking: “Absolutely, that’s for sure. You see how things are going now, they have riots in their streets. ”

On the Syrian conflict, Trump becomes secret, but on the capital of Israel, no mystery
On Syria, Donald Trump becomes more mysterious. When the journalist asks him if it is “possible to prevent Iran from establishing permanent military bases in Syria and Lebanon,” the US president replies, “You will see. Observe well. ”

The journalist pushes his chance: “Do you think that Israel has the right to defend itself if such bases were established in Syria and Lebanon?” Donald Trump closes: “I do not want to comment on this for the moment. It is too early.”

Regarding the December 6 decision to move the US Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, Donald Trump has no hesitation. When the journalist asks him what is the weapon of his presidency so far, the American president no longer makes any mystery: “I think that Jerusalem was very important […] The capital, to make Jerusalem your capital, it was very important for many people. I have received a lot of thanks, “and say,” I understand why so many other [American] presidents have not honored this promise […], I assure you, the lobbies’ pressure for to stop doing it was huge. ”

The US president also called for a resolution of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and warned: “I believe that both parties will have to make difficult compromises to reach a peace agreement,” adding an allusion to the Israeli settlements: “The Colonies, it’s something that complicates a lot, and always, the peace process, so I think Israel will have to be very careful with its settlements. “


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