Michael Oren, Israeli Deputy Prime Minister for Diplomatic Affairs

“The American side of the current equation is a party that provides us with support, but the United States now has almost no influence in Syria and is out of the game because it has not put any funds in it,” Oren told Bloomberg.
According to this Israeli politician, Russia is able to stop the confrontation that has arisen at the border. “The expectations are that Russia will stop the confrontation, because I am not sure who is interested in a war now,” he said.
Orin claimed that “Israel” believes that Russia has “opportunities to put pressure on Syria and Iran and put them in the corner.” “We assume that they have such opportunities, and we will see.”
The Israeli army announced on Saturday morning, intercepted a reconnaissance plane marched from the north of the country, claiming that it is Iranian, and in response, launched raids on a base in the area of Palmyra, the Syrian says that the aircraft was launched from, but his bombers were directed and directed by heavy anti-aircraft fire, Led to the injury and dropping of an F-16 fighter. Its crew was able to parachute into the occupied territories.
The Syrian media, in turn, said that the air defense systems in the country repulsed the air force attack.


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