The People's Commissariat “Wet Gunpowder”published an international announcement about details of the popular vote.

Throughout history, hooligans and oppressors have tried to rule the persecuted and the oppressed either forcibly or through deception and by plundering the right of the weak, they have tried to add strength to their power, wealth and prosperity. The present age is the age of modern arrogance, which demands oppressed nations to be under the yoke of the oppressors in various forms.
International Festival “The Wet Gunpowder” is the collaboration of contemplates, intellectuals and sympathizers to represent the true face of the bullies, hooligans and the oppressors. This year the festival committee plans to introduce one person among the three candidates in the category of enmity with truth in the final stage on the basis of public votes. Therefore, we invite all the truth and justice seekers to participate in this poll, and choose the top enemy of humanity:
1. Donald Trump, President of the United States of America, for: recognizing Quds as the capital of the fake and the child killer Zionist regime, continued support for the Zionist crimes, constantly threatening the sovereign states and efforts to wage war and chaos in every corner of the world, supporting the Saudi crimes in Yemen and participating in the killing of the innocent people in Yemen.
2. Benjamin Netanyahu, the prime minister of the fake Zionist regime, for: constant threats against Islamic countries, achieving a record for killing 578 children within 51 days, continued occupation of Palestine and the daily oppression against Muslims and Christians.
3. Nikki Haley, United States Ambassador to the United Nations, for: supporting the massacre of the oppressed people of Yemen by the Saudi regime, staunch support for the crimes of the Zionist regime.
The committee of the sixth international festival “The Wet Gunpowder”, through direct selection by the alert and vigilant people around the world and truth and justice seekers plans to select one person who deserves to receive a statue of wet gunpowder which is a symbol of the inability of the world’s oppressors to face and confront the truth.
The move would be a small step in the fight of truth and reality against organized injustice and oppression.
The committee of “The Wet Gunpowder International Award”


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