Fighters of the Asaïb Ahl al-Haq movement in Basra, mobilized for the Ramadi counter-attack. © AFP

Based on Tasnim News, Iraq does not need the military presence of the United States especially in this post-Daesh era, said Iraqi Shiite General Secretary Aib al-Haq, who called for the immediate withdrawal of US troops from his country.

At the second conference of the “Medieval Euphrates” tribes in Karbala, Qais al-Khazali praised the Iraqi citizen’s ability to face all the challenges and foreign presence.

He said that “we have to make the difference between friend and foe. There are countries that have spent billions of dollars and provided logistical support to Daesh, “Al-Mayadeen reports.

And to add:

“The United States watched us and did not go into action until Erbil was in danger; so they hit the Daesh hideouts and “mistakenly” the Iraqi citizens. The last targeted region was al-Baghdadi.

The Iraqi Air Force has F-16s, so why would it need the Americans? His power, courage and skill are unparalleled in the region. So no need US Apache helicopters!

In order to maintain the national sovereignty and security of Iraq against Iraq’s dismemberment plans for the benefit of the Zionist regime, we strongly reject the continuation of the US military presence in our country after the end of Daesh. “


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