President of the Islamic Republic of Iran Hassan Rowhani

Hassan Rohani said during a meeting with ambassadors and heads of foreign representations and institutions in Tehran that Iran could be a gateway to the Middle East in new intellectual models, Tasnim International News Agency reported.
“Iran is ready to receive investments, especially in the oil, gas, petrochemical, tourism and mineral sectors,” he said.
He added that Iran’s Islamic Revolution had won 39 years ago because it wanted to end the humiliation of the people caused by America’s interventionist policies and the violation of religious and sectarian feelings.
“The message of the Islamic revolution to the regional countries and the world was not to produce a model of government and aggression against the countries of the region, but the message of the Islamic revolution was independence and not to allow interference in Iran’s affairs and to establish fair relations with the world,” Rowhani said.
The Iranian president pointed out that if some believe that he can achieve an appropriate result by strengthening terrorism and interference in the affairs of States or the bombing of neighboring countries is making a strategic mistake, noting that the Islamic Republic of Iran is ready to be active in order to establish stability and security in the region, The need for cooperation by all States for this purpose.
“The nuclear agreement is a very important example of a peaceful approach to resolving issues and problems in the world,” Rowhani said. “This approach can serve the region and the world with security, economic relations and effective cooperation to settle regional and international problems.”
“If America decides to withdraw from this international commitment, we will say frankly that it made a strategic mistake. History and the world will see that the biggest American mistake will be in political relations with the world, especially with our region.”


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