Israeli Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu reviews a military base.

According to RT News, Israeli Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu has warned on Saturday that his army will continue “with determination” carrying out aerial attacks against targets in Syria to avoid what it describes as Iran’s military expansion in the Arab country.

“Israel wants peace but we will continue to defend ourselves with determination against any attack and against any attempt by Iran to take a military stand in Syria or elsewhere,” the premier of the Tel Aviv regime has emphasized.

This is the first reaction of Netanyahu to the downing, on the same day of Saturday, of an Israeli F-16 fighter aircraft by Syrian defense systems, in response to raids against targets in the Arab country. According to the Israelis, they have intercepted an “Iranian” drone aircraft from Syria.

With regard to this escalation of tensions, Netanyahu has returned to accuse Tehran. “Iran undertook that attempt today. He infiltrated his drone into Israeli airspace from Syria, “he has claimed.

For its part, Iran says that accusations of a drone allegedly made in Iran and the Persian country’s involvement in the shooting down of Israeli fighters are “so ridiculous that they do not even deserve comment”.

On the other hand, the Damascus government has said that it hit more than one Israeli machine, during “a new aggression against a military base in the central region”, in addition to having responded to another Israeli incursion.

The Israeli aggression against Syria has also provoked the condemnation of the Russian Government, which has expressed “deep concern” and asked Tel Aviv to respect the sovereignty of the Arab country.

Since the beginning of the Syrian crisis in 2011, there have been numerous Israeli air strikes against targets of the Government of Damascus, its enemy. The Syrian authorities accuse Israel of supporting terrorists in various fields, including raising their morale.


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