The security forces of the Bahraini regime arrested a teenager. (Photo archive)

According to the Bahrain mirror, the Bahraini Human Rights Association pointed out in a report that 995 cases of widespread violations of human rights, such as arrest, torture and disappearance of citizens, had been recorded during the month of last January in this small monarchy of the Persian Gulf.

“During this month of January, 121 Bahraini citizens were incarcerated, including 6 adolescents. Similarly 17 people are missing while 77 others brought to justice with arbitrary verdicts, “said the report.

A protester arrested by the security forces of the regime of Manama. © Reuters

The Bahraini Human Rights Association also spoke of the continuation of the siege of the locality of al-Diraz, where the house of the leader of the Bahraini Shiites, the seventy-year-old Sheikh Issa Qassem, has lived for more than a year and a half.

This body also alluded to the house arrest of nearly 9 months of Sheikh Issa Qassem placed in custody without a fair trial.

“In the meantime, 200 Bahraini citizens have been imprisoned because of issues related to freedom of expression and the organization of peaceful gatherings,” reads the report, which goes on to say: “81 cases of arrests and ill-treatment against the citizens, including 4 women, 7 children and a baby, were carried out by the Bahraini authorities who did not hesitate to spread 342 cases of intoxication campaign against the Shiites “.


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