Brigadier General Hussein Salami, Deputy Commander-in-Chief of the Revolutionary Guards

In a statement on Saturday, Brigadier General Salami referred to the claims of the Zionist entity to “drop an Iranian aircraft march”, stressing: “We do not confirm news from the Zionist entity, but if the Syrians confirmed this news, we will confirm it because the Israelis hypocrites.” He added, “We do not have a military presence In Syria, but our presence in this country is advisory, since the presence of the Syrian army to defend its territory is sufficient for that. ”
The Deputy Commander-in-Chief of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard said in a speech at a meeting attended by foreign guests on the anniversary of the victory of the Islamic Revolution, pointing out the confrontations of the Arab armies of the Zionist entity, saying that the Muslims before the victory of the Islamic Revolution when they were fighting the Zionist entity were defeated but after the Islamic Revolution, And the Zionist entity only defeat.
“The US has imposed a ban on Iran, but we have progressed, and today we can destroy all American bases in the region,” he said, referring to the leader of the Islamic Revolution who confirmed the demise of the Zionist entity in less than 25 years. And turning the land of the Zionists into hell. ”
The Syrian regime has thwarted the hopes of the enemies, but there is a very dangerous plan woven by America, Britain, the Zionist entity and some regimes such as the Al-Saud system, the conspiracy of forming the Takfiris in the world, in order to achieve two goals, the character of Jihad against the arrogant. To internal wars and the second to present a violent image of Islam to the world.
Brigadier General Salami told reporters on the sidelines of the forum that Iranian missiles are not an issue to negotiate with any country, saying that the missile is part of our defense capability and that we will never talk about it.
“The Europeans should realize that the nuclear deal has nothing to do with boosting Iran’s missile capability,” he said, adding that Iran’s determination to boost missile capability was more independent than any other capability.
The Israeli enemy launched a new aggression on a military base in the central region of Syria at dawn today, where the air defense media confronted and injured more than one aircraft.


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