Guards of the Islamic Revolution

IRNA issued a statement in which the victory of the Islamic Revolution in Iran was seen as the successive defeats of America, the Zionist entity and their European and regional allies, confirmed the strength of the undeniable Islamic Republic of Iran; The first force in the West Asia region, which is not intimidated by the great strife of the Western demons The statement stressed that the Islamic Republic of Iran will protect its sovereignty from all sides; “We will not allow enemies to approach the gates of defense and missile deterrent, we will not allow the shield of the Islamic Revolution and the national defense “of the country He pointed out that the field of confrontation today in conjunction with the approaching 40 anniversary of the victory of the Islamic revolution embodies the arena of confrontation between injustice and the will of the Islamic Republic of Iran and the Iranian people to protect the Islamic resistance and consolidate the demands and capabilities of the Islamic Republic in the face of America’s inability And the weakness The statement added: The front of the enemies of the Islamic revolution has been unable so far in these dangerous circumstances to confront the Islamic regime and the Iranian people through the wars of the Serbian, which is practiced diplomatically, and intelligence, and media and through Its continued support for chaos locally and regionally, and through economic and electronic warfare and psychological warfare.
In his statement, the IRGC noted that the Iranian people, conscious and loyal and under the leadership of the Islamic Revolution Leader, would not allow the big Satan and the subversive White House decision and the misguided officials and fraudsters to put new window in the course of the Islamic revolution. He continued: The Islamic Republic has devoted the path of confrontation against injustice and arrogance, and today many in the world, especially in the West Asia strategic area agree with the vision of the Islamic Republic of Iran.


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