The Bahraini regime prevents Shiite citizens from establishing the largest Friday prayer for them in Imam al-Sadiq Mosque

The prohibition was accompanied by the deployment of dozens of military vehicles and armored vehicles in the vicinity of the besieged Druze area, in addition to the tightening of the siege on the area by the security authorities and the disruption of the interests of the residents through checking the inspection through the points imposed on the area.
The security authorities have prevented the imam of prayer and worshipers from entering the Diraz area, which has been besieged for more than a year since the overthrow of the highest religious authority in the country, which was granted by Ayatollah Sheikh Issa Ahmed Qasim on June 20.
The Ministry of the Interior (MOI) launched an incursion into Palestinian houses on Friday (February 9th) in several areas, and arrested Syed Ayman Sayed Hashem Ja’far al-Mahfouz of Sar, Shabin Mohammed Ali Jaafar and Daniel Hassan Sayegh of Bani Jamra.
The security authorities had arrested on Thursday, the young Hussein Abbas Ahmed from the Malikiyah, and the child Mohammed Abdul Karim Fattil from the area of Bani Jamra.
The various areas of Bahrain have been subjected to a large number of raids a few days ago, including Diraz, Dee, Sitra, Aker, Nuwaidrat, Aali, and Malikiyah.
According to human rights organizations, the detention facility has been unknown since the Bahraini monarch issued a decree formally granting the National Security Agency the powers to immediately arrest and investigate earlier this year.


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