Iranian President Hassan Rowhani and Turkish Recep Tayyip Erdogan

According to sources in the Turkish presidency, the two sides expressed during the communication their gratitude for increased cooperation between the two countries on security issues and the fight against terrorism.
The two presidents stressed that the Sochi conference hosted by Russia on Syria is a step forward in solving the Syrian crisis and expressed their satisfaction with the cooperation between the two countries in the fields of security and combating terrorism.
During the meeting, Rouhani stressed the need to raise relations between Iran and Turkey to the strategic level in all fields.
He expressed Iran’s readiness to find a leap in economic relations between the two countries and said that the rapid implementation of the issue of adopting the national currency of the two countries in the joint trade exchanges would push forward the economic relations between Tehran and Ankara.
He noted the recent visit of the Turkish foreign minister to Tehran, expressing his satisfaction with the outcome of the joint talks. He said that there are many threats in the region that expose the interests of the two countries, Iran and Turkey and the rest of the Islamic countries. He added that he saw the great convergence of views of both countries on regional and international issues. Common.
Rohani also called for the development of tripartite cooperation between Iran, Turkey and Russia on regional issues as necessary and referred to the proposal to hold a three-way summit in Istanbul on the Syrian crisis. He welcomed the meeting and called for consultations between the foreign ministers of the three countries to discuss the agenda and date of the summit.
In turn, Erdogan called for the development and strengthening of relations between Tehran and Ankara in all areas of common interest.
Erdogan stressed that the adoption of the national currency of the two countries in economic exchanges is very important and could contribute to a leap in economic cooperation between Tehran and Ankara.
He pointed to the commonalities between Iran and Turkey in major regional and international issues and said that the new regional threats reveal the importance of close cooperation between Turkey and Iran and expressed satisfaction with the development of joint cooperation in combating terrorism as well as security cooperation. In Syria and referred to his proposal to hold the next tripartite summit in Istanbul, calling on President Rohani to participate in this summit and expressed the wish that the heads of the Western countries participate in this summit.


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