the pursuer Ahmed Nasr Jarar

The Israeli army announced in a statement that the forces of the Zionist occupation forces cordoned off a house where the martyr was holed up and that the tractor went out when besieged to confront the occupation soldiers and clashed with them with a machine gun before killing him.
The Israeli occupation forces accuse Ahmed Jarrar, a member of the armed wing of the Hamas movement, of killing Rabbi Raziel Shibah a month ago near Nablus and leading a Palestinian cell that participated in several guerrilla operations.
The Israeli occupation forces chased Ahmed Jarrar for a month and stormed the towns of Burqin and Sila several times in an attempt to arrest him or liquidate him until he announced his assassination this morning in a complex operation in Yamoun.
“We closed the account with ‘Ahmed Jarrar’ and soon we will get to the murderer of ‘Ben Gal’, a rabbi who killed a Palestinian yesterday in the northern West Bank.
No Palestinian confirmed the news of Jarrar’s death until now.


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