Russian President Dmitry Peskov

“When Russian President Vladimir Putin spoke about the completion of the active phase of the operation to support the Syrian armed forces in their counterterrorism work, he said that the remaining potential of the Russian armed forces in the temporary bases is sufficient to carry out a devastating blow to the terrorists if necessary. Exactly what he is talking about. ”
The spokesman added that the Kremlin is very concerned that the opposition in Syria has a portable air defense system and describes it as a “huge threat” to all governments.
The Sham Liberation Organization, which is close to the terrorist organization al-Qaeda, claimed responsibility for the downing of the Russian fighter Su-25 in the Syrian countryside of Idlib.
The Russian Defense Ministry announced earlier on Saturday that a Russian S-25 warplane was shot down in the northwestern province of Idlib and that its commander was killed during the battle with the terrorists and confirmed that the reconciliation center of the conflicting parties in Syria “Hameim” in cooperation with the Turkish side responsible for the area of reducing the escalation in Idlib, takes the necessary measures to recover the body of the Russian pilot.
The Russian Defense Ministry also published a video of a Russian raid that killed 30 gunmen in Idlib using precision weapons in Idlib province in Syria.


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