A military source in the missile force and air defense in Yemen, “Al-Masriet Net” that the ballistic missile hit his target with high accuracy and the location of direct losses at the target base.
Recently, the Yemeni missile strikes on the Saudi side have increased dramatically, to be the sixth ballistic missile hitting the Saudi depth since the beginning of this year.
Where the missile force of the army and the popular committees, on the 18 and 20 of January last, two short-range ballistic missiles on the Saudi air defense camp and Najran power camp in the sector of Najran, and a third missile of the same type was launched on the 16th of the same month on Jizan Airport.
On the 11th and 17th of the same month, the missile force fired two medium-range ballistic missiles, such as Qaher-2M, at the Saudi Special Forces Camp and the Saudi Army Operations Center at Al-Khadraj in Najran.
In addition to the Saudi depth, the ballistic strikes lasted for camps and gatherings of mercenaries on the 5th and 22nd of last January on a camp with two missiles, Qaher Tu, on the mercenaries of the Saudi American aggression on the western coast and the Khiami camp south of Taiz province.
The missile force launched on 31 of the same month a ballistic missile of the type “Kaher 2M” to a meeting of the leaders of the aggression in the Directorate of Khov and Shaf in the province of Jouf.


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