Brigadier General Hatemi said in a telephone conversation with his Afghan counterpart Lieutenant-General Tariq Shah Bahrami during which he discussed security developments in Afghanistan and stressed the need to seriously address terrorism in the region.
Brigadier Hatemi expressed condolences to the Afghan government and people for the victims of the terrorist attacks and said that the recent terrorist attacks in Afghanistan have hit the leader of the Islamic Revolution and the Iranian government and people.
“Iran is always concerned about foreign conspiracies against the Afghan people and for years it has done all it can to remove the mother of the oppressed Afghan people,” he said.
The United States, after its great defeat in these two countries, is trying to rescue a supporter of this crisis and transfer it to Afghanistan to exploit its blatant crimes to justify its presence in Afghanistan, he said.
He added that the Americans are trying to pass their plan to increase their forces in Afghanistan, warning Americans to prove that they are the enemies of Muslims and that the declaration of Jerusalem as the capital of the Zionist entity revealed to the world again the hypocritical image and America’s hostility to Muslims.
Brigadier Hatemi expressed his belief that the security of Afghanistan depends on the positive approach of the countries of the region. In this context, he said that he would invest the common energies of all the countries of the region to counter terrorism and establish stability in Afghanistan.
For his part, the Afghan defense minister pointed to the presence of more than 20 terrorist groups in Afghanistan and said that unleashing these terrorist groups would threaten the region and create severe crises.
He added that Iran, Afghanistan and other neighboring countries should not lose sight of the common enemy and should cooperate fully with each other to fight terrorism.
He expressed his thanks for the invitation of his Iranian counterpart and said that the close relations between the two ministries are the policies of the Afghan government and we will definitely seek bilateral cooperation, especially in the fight against terrorism.


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