Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Bahram

Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Bahram Qasimi said that the Islamic Republic has a very good relationship with Oman, Qatar and Kuwait, adding that “our problem in the region” is only with Saudi Arabia .. It is unable to properly understand the situation of the region and Iran and continues to conclude arms deals, arms race.
Bahram Qasimi, in an interview with the Iranian Student Agency, talked about the future of relations with Saudi Arabia and the conditions of Hajj for next year in the light of these relations, and said: “The Iranian Foreign Ministry does not interfere with the talks conducted by the Hajj Foundation and the Iranian visit with the Saudi authorities on the Hajj As for the future relations with Saudi Arabia This is about Saudi Arabia itself.
“The Islamic Republic is willing, as in the past, to strengthen relations with Saudi Arabia and neighboring countries and Muslims because we seek to provide security and stability to this region. On this basis, we expect a change in the bad and hostile behavior of the Saudi government, which has taken steps in this area for some time and did not take into account the situation of the region. He said that Saudi Arabia is incapable of properly understanding the situation in the region and Iran and continues to make arms deals.
“Our relationship with Oman, Qatar and Kuwait is very good, and our problem in the region is only with Saudi Arabia,” he said, adding: “Despite the level of these relations, Iranian pilgrims have been sent to perform Hajj. Saudi Arabia is an exception in our region and is still knocking on the drums of hostility with Iran. As for our relations with Europe, this relationship has developed well on the political, economic and diplomatic exchanges. ”
“Saudi Arabia is facing a serious crisis, the Yemeni crisis, which has entered itself into this great swamp of mud. At first it believed that in a matter of days it would be able to market Yemen on its own volition but sink into this country after years of violence, extremism, massacres and shelling. In a precedent, its counterpart has been seen throughout history, while the Yemeni people continue to fight the Saudi aggression and defend its territory.
“The international community, the United Nations and the independent countries must stand up to the Saudi attacks in Yemen and take more practical steps and help the Yemeni people to get out of the situation of tragic poverty, hunger and siege,” the foreign ministry spokesman said.
He continued: “We believe that the actions of the international community have not yet reached the level expected by the Yemeni people despite the humanitarian slogans raised by these countries; they could not stop the aggressors from continuing their war against the Yemeni people wild.
On the achievements of the Islamic Republic at the regional and international levels in recent years, the Iranian foreign ministry spokesman said: “We have witnessed developments in our relations with a number of countries. In this regard, our relationship with Turkey has developed and the level of misunderstandings has decreased. Our relationship with the Caucasus has also improved.
On the other international achievement of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Qasimi pointed to the elimination of a preacher in Iraq and Syria, where this achievement was very successful. “Syria today is much better than it was in the past, and the role of the Islamic Republic was well known in this matter.”
On the future of the nuclear deal and the United States’ determination to hold Iran responsible for taking it out, Qasimi said the United States deliberately misused the nuclear deal in an attempt to introduce various areas to the negotiating table, including the missile field. It is clear that Trump is trying to portray the nuclear agreement as a normal agreement and is making efforts to impose new restrictions on Iran; he must know that these efforts are wrong and that Iran can not yield to any kind of them. In general, the nuclear agreement is an international agreement and has been approved by the United Nations and the Security Council Through a resolution.
He continued: Therefore, the Islamic Republic of Iran confirms that can not change the content of the nuclear agreement or reconsider it and if Trump wants to change the content of this agreement, it continues to face this agreement, in other words to get out of it entails a high price at the international and Western levels, and America must be Fully aware of the tax of this exorbitant exit.
With regard to the denunciation of the nuclear agreement, the foreign ministry spokesman said that this is still a continuation of the nuclear agreement, but the Islamic Republic of Iran continues to cooperate with other countries.
He added: “The cries issued by the United States and some European countries on the Iranian missile program are in fact pressure on the Islamic Republic to push it back down The problem of the United States does not lie with the nuclear agreement, but is trying to exploit to obtain a new consensus against Iran and targeting Iranian influence in the region. ”


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